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Sushi is actually a dish which is made from white rice cooked in rice vinegar and served along with different types of toppings. There are varieties of toppings that are used such as raw or cooked fish or some other sea food and various vegetables also. This is the traditional dish of Japan and is prepared in different ways but in every type only short grained white rice is used.
The blend of sugar, salt and vinegar is given after cooking the rice and sometimes sake is also added to it for some different type of flavor. Then seasoning is done at room temperature for adding more taste to it. There are different types of sushi available in the restaurants that are served along with varieties of toppings and fillings. Especially deep salt water fishes such as tuna and salmon are preferred by majority of professional sushi chefs to be used as the topping. Some of the other types of fishes such as mackerel, snapper and yellowtail are also used for making a prefect sushi dish.
Sushi rolls are also very famous that require nori sea weeds to wrap and can be used as snacks also. These snacks are flavored in teriyaki which is served along with horseradish paste which is called wasabi paste, sea salt and some roasted sesame seeds also known as gomashio, soy sauce and pickled ginger. There are some traditional sushi bars that serve green tea along with sushi meal and there are some where sake wine is served with it. Sake is a very popular wine prepared from rice and served hot in winters.

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