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Joseph´s Dance Studio – Studio taneczne Jozefa Palki
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At Joseph´s Dance Studio we teach you all the steps you need to be a ballroom dancer. Whether you are a beginner or an expert dancer, we have ballroom dancing classes of various levels, for all age groups, designed to challenge your skills.

Types of Lesson
Ballroom dancing is a classic style of dance that many can learn and use throughout their lives. Learning to dance can be an incredibly personal experience, or one that can be shared with a partner. Depending on the personal goals and aspirations of the person desiring dance instruction, different classes may be appropriate.

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow students to focus on particular dances of their choice, while progressing at their own comfortable rate. These lessons can be arranged at any location, with any instructor, at the best time possible for you.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are offered from beginners to advanced dancers. Class sizes are very comfortable for the beginning dancer, typically between 10-25 people, and you don’t need a partner to enjoy this class there are always extra singles!

Wedding or Special Event

Worried about stepping on each other’s feet for that first wedding dance? Let us show you how fun and easy it is even if you’ve never danced before! From group classes or private lessons you’ll learn steps especially suited for your first dance.

Practice Session

Practice Sessions are aimed at competitive dancers to be able to practice on the floor. An instructor will be present to help the students.

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